Brochure stand 

Chandlery, Short Set and Postcard Set

Brochure stand, store racks and card racks are our main products that we sell, develop and design.


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We can customize products according to your wishes and we also have standard products that you can learn more about the tabs Chandlery, Brochure stand and Card Set. We have enstycksförsäljning standard rack but also has the capacity to carry out large orders.
We have over 20 years of experience to develop unique Chandlery, Brochure stand and Card Set.
Our company is located in Eskilstuna in Mälardalen and our supplier is located in Småland and they have extensive experience in wire and sheet metal fabrication. Butiksställ, broschyrställ, kortställ o vykortsställ

cardholder concept
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